Monday Miles are coming back!

Monday Miles are coming back!

Monday Miles are coming back! | My Hot Southern Mess

Last week my husband and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary and my husband gave me a wonderful gift, entry in the 2017 Walt Disney World Marathon. Yes, I am going back! I had been debating doing it again in 2017. A lot of the reason for not signing up were monetary. I was holding off in hopes the marathon would not sell out. I guess now my focus is saving money for travel, hotel and my meals while i’m there.

My finish time earlier this year was anything but good. Then again I rode Expedition Everest in the middle of the marathon and that didn’t help my time. The other thing I had going against me last year was my foot injury from the Rattler Half Marathon. It has been nearly a year now since I injured my foot and I am only now really beginning to run again. Each week I have been getting a little faster and faster. I am hoping by September I will be able to do a half marathon and get a good time to use as my POT for the marathon. Currently my 10 mile time is down to a 13 minute mile average. I need to shave at least 30 seconds off of that. I think it is do-able. Before my injury I was at an 11-12 minute mile. I just need to keep up my training runs. That and keep my diet in check and get/keep my asthma under control.

Speaking of diet. I am still trying to lose the weight I gained training for the marathon in January. My weight loss has been SLOW. Slow is actually an understatement. Currently, I have cut my carbs back, way back. In fact last week I learned during my long run I had cut too much. I had my water, Nuun and gels with me but I was just running out of steam. So I will be adding some back and seeing how it goes. To add this I am taking matters even more in my hands since my primary care doctor hasn’t been all that helpful. The Army has the Army Wellness Program and I will be taking advantage of it soon. I will be going this week for some metabolism testing and then on another day I will be checking out the BodPod. I am really interested about what I will possibly find out.  I would rather not gain the weight I have lost back so hopefully they can help me figure out what is going on.

Since the marathon I have continued running. January and February were lighter months for me mile wise but i’m back to my regular milage now. I have continued a long run of a minimum of 10 miles, max of 13 every weekend also. I was the 4 hour pacer for the Mike to Mike Half marathon just a few weeks back and will be a sweeper or 3:30 pacer for several of the Race 13.1 races this year. So I have races I will be doing but I had chosen to pace this year to help allow my foot to heal. I feel I have a strong base built going into training. Much better than last year when I went into training with an injury. I am hoping this will help me out as I start to add distance again.

I have 36 weeks until the WDW Marathon, 22 weeks until I need to submit my Proof of Time (POT). I am ready to get to work!



Road Trip Vehicle Maintenance

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With just over a month left of school left and summer around the corner vacation plans are being made. My family has been talking about all of the possible road trips we could take. Being a large family road trips in our SUV are our preferred method of vacation travel. It is the most cost effective way for all 6 of us to travel. An added plus is we can usually bring our dogs too! Taking our cars does mean a little bit of extra work to get ready for vacation. We have to make sure vehicle maintenance is done. Nobody wants something to happen to their car while away from home. To save money this is something that we do ourselves. Road trip vehicle maintenance is pretty easy to do, seriously, even I can do it! I have even come up with a printable checklist to help you do it yourself too!

 Road Trip Vehicle Maintenance | My Hot Southern Mess


Diet, Weight Loss and Magic Pills…

I hate going to the doctor. I know better, I really do, and as a mom I know I need to take care of myself. Lately, I’ve been having some issues with my hand, so I finally broke down and made an appointment. I put on my big girl pants and I was taking care of me for a change. This also meant reattempting to talk to my provider about my weight. Ugh, my weight and the weight gain i’ve had recently instead of weight loss. I know I should be happy how I am, I am healthy and I am beautiful no matter what size I am (and all that body empowerment stuff).  I try not to let my daughter know of her mother’s body image issues because I don’t ever want my daughter to have them but… i’m not happy with me right now. I just want my old body back. I know it is here hiding under this pile of fluff, somewhere.

Diet, Weight Loss, and Magic Pills | My Hot Southern Mess


Simple Roasted Edamame

Back in 2009, I was introduced to edamame at an Army conference I had gone to. I was with a group of other Army spouses and we were hanging out after working all day and having dinner. The hotel had a couple options for dinner and the one was sushi. The one spouse explained how she hated sushi but her husband loved it but she discovered edamame and that is what she eats when her husband needs a sushi fix and she proceeded to order some. As someone who is anti-sushi myself and generally avoids it I was intrigued by these bean looking things but soon fell in love with them. I immediately knew I needed to buy some and make them for my family when I got home.

Simple Roasted Edamame | My Hot Southern Mess


How to Host a Dinner for a Large Group

Hello, is anybody out there? It’s me Debbie. I promise i’m still here, life has just been a, well, hot mess. First let me apologize for the lack of blog posts here. It is completely my fault. I let life get busy but I will be back to regular posts.  So what have I been busy with? Planning a pasta dinner for my favorite veteran’s non-profit, Team Red, White, and Blue. There were days I wondered how it would turn out but in the end it went really well. So I thought I would share some tips about how I did it.

Team RWB is a veteran’s outreach organization that reaches out to veterans through both physical and social activity. Here in the Fort Bragg area a large event that we have is the All American Marathon and we have tons of members that participate so having a pasta dinner was a no brainer. You are suppose to carb load before a marathon, right? Plus anyways it was just a great way to get everyone from our chapter and visiting chapters together. Pasta dinner for 50-100 people, I could do that no problem.

How to Host a Dinner for a Large Group | My Hot Southern Mess



Strawberry Lime Water

If you read most health advice out there, one of the best things you can do for your health is to drink more water. I know what many of you are thinking, water is so meh, I have trouble drinking water and more. There are tons of reasons people have for not drinking more water. What if I told you I had a great way to get more water in your diet that also doubles as a great drink for get togethers? Strawberry Lime Water is the perfect solution to all your water drinking needs!

Strawberry Lime Water | Country Girl Gourmet


Gluten Free Fluffy Pancakes

If there is a recipe that every family needs in their go to arsenal of family recipes it would be a good recipe for pancakes. Perfectly, Fluffy Pancakes! Pancakes are eaten in my house on a semi regular basis. Sometimes for breakfast while other times for dinner. While it is easy to pick up a box of pancake mix, pancakes made from scratch are just better! It has taken a little time to find my families favorite recipe and I have yet to find another that even comes close. I don’t think another one exists!

Gluten Free Fluffy Pancakes | Country Girl Gourmet


Chili Nachos

It’s Friday and around our house that means it is Family Fun Night! Typically on Family Fun Night my family eats pizza and watches movies. For food i’m left to fend for myself. Sometimes though I skip the pizza and make other snack foods instead. With Allrecipes this month we worked with Hormel Chili and I discovered their Chili Nachos.

Chili Nachos | Country Girl Gourmet (more…)

Misconceptions of an Army Recruiter

A few years back when we lived in New Jersey my husband had to preform a job for the Army that he did not sign up to do. He was a detailed recruiter. This means he was selected by the Department of the Army to become a recruiter. He did not apply for recruiting duty or change his MOS (job), they wanted him to be a recruiter. This is not a job that my husband and many other soldiers would pick for themselves but it is a job that needs to be done. What better way to recruit new soldiers than use those doing the job already? Whether they want to be there or not.

Misconceptions of an Army Recruiter | Country Girl Gourmet



Nascar Race Day Snacks

Today I am taking it back to one of my oldest son’s favorite things, Nascar. Shorty has been a Nascar fan for pretty much his entire life. We don’t really know how or when it started but his favorite drive has been Dale Earnhardt Jr since before he was 5 and well, he is 16 now! Over the years we have even been able to go to a few races which all 4 of my kids love but races aren’t cheap especially when you are a family of 6. So we spend Sunday’s watching races. The Nascar season begins in February with the Daytona 500 and this year I created a race day menu on Allrecipes of some of our favorite Nascar Race Day Snacks. They are all perfect small bites that are perfect for race day!

Are you looking for some of the best Nascar race day snacks? Look no further because this collection is all of winners!


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