DIY First Aid Kit for Active Families

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Hello, my name is Debbie and I am a klutz. This is a trait that I have passed down to my kids. Being able to trip over our own feet doesn’t stop our family from being active. We are always outside and doing something. We hike and bike, float down rivers and more, we are just prepared and I always have our first aid kit ready for whatever may happen. (more…)

“Boston” Baked Beans

The time of the year that is filled with BBQ’s and get together’s is here!  That means it is time to break out some of everyone’s favorite classic summertime dishes. For my family that means beans, more specifically “Boston” baked beans.

Boston Baked Beans | My Hot Southern Mess (more…)

Southern Pimiento Cheese

Growing up in the south I have a special place in my heart and stomach for classic southern foods. There are so many delicious southern foods that I love. One of the ones with multiple uses is pimiento cheese.


Bloom Where You Are Planted : Gillis Hill Farm

When my family moved back to North Carolina in 2013, there were several things we were looking forward to. One of those things was a local roadside stand where I would buy fresh veggies during the summer. To our surprise that veggie stand expanded greatly in the 7 years that we were away. There was now a huge roadside stand and separate from it, Gillis Hill Farm where they sell homemade ice cream. Who can resist ice cream? Certainly not my family. Once we visited we were hooked on this hidden treasure in our own backyard.Gillis Hill Farm | My Hot Southern Mess


Easy, Gluten Free Donut Muffins

When you are gluten free you learn quickly that some foods are hard to come by unless you make them yourself. Foods like donuts (or is it doughnuts, hmm). My family loves a good donut and so did I. We even live in the state that is home to some of the best donuts around, Krispy Kreme. My daughter is constantly asking for donuts and my husband is all too willing to indulge her cravings. I have to ask though, what about mom, where are the gluten free donuts at? They are in my kitchen because I have to make them myself. While I haven’t taken the dive into making gluten free donuts, I have found the next best thing, donut muffins.

Donut Muffins | My Hot Southern Mess (more…)

Eggless, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

When you make chocolate chip cookies part of the process is, you eat some of the cookie dough. It has also been one of those, you aren’t supposed to do that type of things. Everyone does it anyways. Who can blame you when chocolate chip cookie dough tastes so good?  What if I told you that, you can have your cookie dough and eat it too, with no worries of salmonella? You can with this easy eggless, chocolate chip cookie dough.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough | My Hot Southern Mess


Tissue Paper Flowers Garland

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When you are a military spouse holidays can be hard especially if your spouse is away. We learn quickly to make the best of things while they are gone.  We learn to lean on our friend’s in our community and continue on.  Sometimes our best memories are made this way. We get together and celebrate the different holidays the best that we can. We decorate our homes, with homemade crafts like tissue paper flowers garland, we share cards and gifts and we cannot forget about the great food.


Guacamole Turkey Burgers

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Avocado, you either love it or hate it but it is one of the hottest vegetables to eat right now. My husband loves it! He will eat avocado in every form imaginable. Plain, in sandwiches, and turned into guacamole, he loves them all. His current favorite is Guacamole Turkey Burgers.
Guacamole Turkey Burger | My Hot Southern Mess


My Echo Bear

When my husband came home from his last deployment he bought himself the dog that he always wanted, a german shepherd. Little did he know that his Echo would soon become my best buddy.

My Echo Bear | My Hot Southern Mess


Creamy Chipotle Tomato Bisque

I was provided with free product that helped facilitate this blog post. All opinions are mine alone.

Tomato soup, for so many it is a classic comfort food that is perfectly paired with grilled cheese. For myself, it has been a food I have avoided for over thirty years. That was until recently when I tried Cream Chipotle Tomato Bisque.


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